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Baby Bump Photoshoot at Lanzarote to capture the ultimate fascination!

Admittedly, one of the unsolved mysteries of humanity is why everyone thinks a baby belly is cute and no one would love the same belly on daddy. But luckily we are photographers and not philosophers, anti-discrimination officers or dieticians.
One thing we can say for sure: the topic of the baby bump has a never-ending number of possible variations when it comes to its presentation and most likely a baby bump photoshoot.

Perhaps you would like to enjoy the pictures of the Baby Bump Photoshoot first

Photographer Tenerife at Lanzarote? Yes, for a beautiful Baby Bump Photoshoot this pays off!

When it comes to baby belly photography, many of our clients admittedly first thought of the beach as the setting and were later pleased to learn that a baby belly can also be photographed wonderfully in the forest or in the mountains. The photographic realisation of our clients‘ wishes for their photoshoot is correspondingly diverse.

But of course – in this case – the lack of forests on Lanzarote moved that Baby Bump Photoshoot to the urban area of Teguise besides the scenes at the beach and in the dunes of Playa de Famara.

By the way, we would like to pass on a very valuable tip to you right at the beginning: Before you even plan a holiday, please ask your airline up to what point an expectant mother is still allowed to fly and whether and what examinations, if any, are expected beforehand.

Sometimes we have had it happen that someone found out that the airline they had chosen no longer agreed that the mother would be with the unborn child in her belly. It’s very good that airlines are very careful about this, because it’s in the best interests of mother and child – but of course it’s annoying if you’ve never heard of it before and it suddenly spoils your holiday plans.

It is also very important to know for a baby belly shoot that the topic of changing outfits does not play a role in our pricing. It must be possible for an expectant mother to wear what she feels comfortable in at any time during the photoshoot, or what she likes best from an aesthetic point of view. We support this with very customer-friendly pricing.

By the way, while we are on the subject of prices, you will probably have noticed that we do not have a dedicated page on our website where you can see prices. This is for an incredibly simple reason: for us, every baby bump photoshoot is like a tailor-made suit – everything about the photoshoot should fit you and your wishes. It would only get in the way of this if we were to offer off-the-shelf prices.

Why should a client pay for something they don’t want just because another client might want it? Such a thing makes no sense for us. That’s why we always talk to our new clients about the individual photoshoot on the phone first. And then, when we know your concrete ideas, we put the whole thing into a price framework that reflects the service you want to have.

One area in which we will of course also advise you is the choice of the right outfit. Many of our clients ask us what the weather is like in the area where they are planning to have their photoshoot. This is not surprising on an island that has seven different climate zones.

It may well be that within a photoshoot we shoot in a spot where it’s really nippy around the nose and then another spot is chosen by our client where we meet and where it’s much warmer.
Even if you don’t have to wrap a mum-to-be in cotton wool, it wouldn’t be helpful if anyone had to freeze during the photoshoot.

By the way, it has already paid off with many a baby belly photoshoot that we usually take photos in pairs. Because if the child, who is still well wrapped up in the belly, is not the only offspring coming along for the photoshoot, it’s good if one of us can keep the rest of the family busy photographically while the other concentrates fully on putting mum in the right light.

Now, if you have any questions you’d like answered before we talk, we recommend you check out our FAQ section on the website. But of course we can also answer your questions fully in our first phone call.

If you are looking for contact options, you can either click on the WhatsApp button below or visit our contact page on this website. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Baby Bump Photoshoot and Planning
– How far in advance should you contact us? –

Indeed, many of our clients ask this question – especially when it is too late to book us.

So yes, it’s true, we are – by nature – booked a lot. Therefore, the lead times for a booking are always longer, in the high season even really long. Sure, sometimes someone is lucky, asks this week for next week and gets an appointment – but you have to be just as lucky to get a parking space in the city centre during rush hour…. this CAN happen, but relying on it will 99% result in your desired appointment being gone….

The most successful clients are those who contact us from home at the time of booking. Then we can plan in peace and find a date that suits you, e.g. not right in the first three days of the holiday, because you want to get a nice tan first, but of course not too close to the end, in case someone spoils their stomach and the photoshoot has to be postponed.

So you might like to contact us with the WhatsApp-button below or maybe you prefer visiting our contact-page for further options.

Additional Information

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We understand, we would feel the same way. Every photoshoot is as individual as the emotions you and we bring to it.
That's why we take the time to discuss with you in advance what exactly you want, so that we can then make you a suitable offer. That's why we always like to talk to you on the phone first via WhatsApp.

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