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The FAQ for your photoshoot with Photographer Tenerife

Do you really offer photoshoots on all the canary islands?

Photographer Tenerife, are you coming to…? – Yes! – We are mobile. Very mobile! And we are used to travelling with our equipment. No matter where your shooting takes place on the Canary Islands, it’s feasible for us. If we fly around the world and rent cars or even stay overnight, a fair share is included in the individual shooting price. We always talk to each other before each assignment anyway, so just ask us!

Do we get ALL the pictures that are taken?

Huh? No, why is that? That wouldn’t make sense either, because what good is the prettiest photo of the prettiest young lady if her eyes are closed or she looks like she’s had her third glass of wine? But you don’t have a girlfriend? So what do you want to do with the pictures of her?
We just wanted to mention this very important policy we’ve got at Photographer Tenerife.

Do we get the raw data of the images?

OK, you go into the restaurant, confidently pass the door to the kitchen and push the chef off the cooker with equal confidence and determination. In the moment he asks you what that’s all about, you say that you prefer to cook yourself or have a chef of your choice cook for you.
He looks puzzled and asks which restaurant he can recommend to you or whether he has missed the fact that he is now part of the programme of the adult education centre. And that’s why we still develop our pictures ourselves and NEVER give out raw data to ANYONE.
„Yes, but I’d like to try my hand at it myself, because I like taking pictures myself!“ Cool! We also offer workshops where you can even practise with your own pictures and get great instructions from us on how to do it best…
This is too a central part of Photographer Tenerife s policy.

Do we have a say in whether images go online?

WE DO IT THE WAY YOU SAY! – Yes, anyway! It is contractually stipulated whether we publish the results of our work – i.e. the great pictures of you.
That is the rule, but let us say something about it. Let’s be honest – we fully understand if parents, for example, don’t want all the pictures of a family shoot to be on the web.
We didn’t want that either and we are very sensitive about it. We are the ones who, in case of doubt, do not post, possibly even though we have a release for it.
Since we discuss the contract with you beforehand, this is also one of the things that we go through together beforehand, and what is written in the contract also counts, of course. It is a matter of course for us to do things the way we would like them to be for ourselves.

What do you think about discretion…?

…IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO US at Photographer Tenerife! – What do we mean by this? Our images are delivered on request via a security server stationed in Germany, which is specially designed to meet the needs of photographers. This includes, as the lowest possible security level, that each customer has his own gallery with an individual password.
On request and at reasonable prices, we can deliver the finished images in various further increased security levels, from encrypted over the network to encrypted on DVD directly into the customer’s hand (Perhaps in the moonlight, whispering, with the coat lapel folded up, sunglasses and hat pulled low on the face? Ok, maybe not so bad after all…).
If, for example, Uncle Fritz has donated the shooting to you, you will still get the pictures and not Uncle Fritz, unless it is expressly stipulated in the contract that he should get them. So you always have an overview of who has access to your pictures and who doesn’t, after all, you are on them and it’s about protecting your privacy!

Do you have any recommendations for Tenerife?

YES, EVEN A WHOLE BUNCH! The best thing is to contact us directly with your question. Of course, we don’t just know where to go for a good meal or get a decent coffee – and at very reasonable prices.
Through our work, we also know a number of business people and can sometimes recommend a hotel. So feel free to ask your questions in advance of our shoot. There must be a reason why Photographer Tenerife is already a household name at many Restaurants and Cafes…

Do you also have a Website for German speaking clients?

Yes, of course! Our German speaking clients may find useful resources at https://deutscher-fotograf-kanaren.de. We love to welcome you there! The website you visit at the moment, Photographer Tenerife, is only a small part of our „universe“.

What is the best way to get into contact?

We’ve put all that neat WhatsApp-Buttons on our site, because most of our clients use this way to get into contact with us… for more options please see our Contact-Page… We’re looking forward to hear from you!

Where can I get more informations about Ela & Chris

This is where our About-Us-Section comes into play. We would love, if you’d like to check it out here... Of course the FAQ Section can only answer some questions about the many aspects of our work, hence it’s „FAQ“. Or which is even better: contact us via WhatsApp to make a brief telephone appointment, then you get the most out of it!

We noticed you’re walking a lot barefooted, why is that?

FAQ are answered by photographer tenerife about photoshoot tenerife

Yes, that’s true… we don’t just have the right climate here to be barefoot a lot. It is also considered extremely healthy and relaxing to feel the earth directly.
That’s why we like to go barefoot wherever it makes sense. We have already been able to convince some of our customers to try it out for themselves.
What about you?

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