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„Better started imperfectly than hesitated perfectly!“, as the saying goes. That’s what we do with our portfolio. If you have hundreds of thousands of great images in your data storage and only sporadically get around to publishing something, it’s because there are even more photoshoots that are booked and want to be photographed.

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  • Baby Bump Photoshoot at Lanzarote
  • Family Photoshoot on Gran Canaria
  • Afterwedding Photoshoot glamorous
  • Wedding on Tenerife – The Photoshoot
  • Sunrise Photoshoot for gorgeous Couple
  • Real Estate Photography El Sauzal
  • Photoshoot Proposal Kenneth and Sydney

We are glad that the images of a photoshoot are much easier to manage today than they were when we worked exclusively in analogue.

Nevertheless, a lot more work had to be done before we could present the pictures here in our portfolio.

As you know, a website does not write itself and should be easy to find.
That’s why we allow ourselves to spend most of our time being available for our clients on set – where professionals belong.

A word about the prices at Photographer Tenerife

Every photoshoot is something very individual for the whole team of Photographter Tenerife.
Not only because the circumstances are different every time, but also because we adapt ourselves completely to our clients. What is to be photographed, how, at which location and with which goal?

Of course, this also explains why we don’t (can’t) quote prices on our site. If we did, the individuality would immediately disappear.

It’s like eating in a first-class restaurant. Of course, you can be sure of being served exquisitely if you tell the waiter to recommend something and then you go with what the chef prefers to serve today.

We, too, are quite comfortable with the instruction „Just do it!“ and a lot of our customers are also very happy with it.

But the idea of us as „tailors of your photoshoot“ is more accurate – we first take the measure, so to speak, when we discuss the goal of the photoshoot – whether on Tenerife or one of the other Canary Islands – in detail with our new client.

After that we can say something about how big the effort of your order will be, so that we can calculate a price.

Assuming that we are to travel to you on another island or somewhere else in the world, this must also be taken into account in the calculation of a fee.

You see – for an amateur photographer it may be sufficient to have a list on which he compares prices – „Just pick something, customer!“ is simply not our thing.

Of course, we understand when customers confronted with such an approach are alienated and move on to the next offer. We would feel the same way if we were in the position of these customers – an individual service can never be calculated with a standard price.

Another good thing for our customers is that this always results in a much better price-performance ratio than with the more amateurish competitors.
Recently, we were amazed when we submitted our offer and then found out that a „competitor“ had charged about five times more (plus travel costs).
So when someone asks for a four-figure fee for a photoshoot that we offered for less than one thousand euros, including travel expenses, we can only shake our heads.

This reminds us of a nice client who often books us when she wants a photoshoot in Tenerife and who, out of curiosity, asked a colleague for a price recently… She said, „He just put another one in front of your shooting price!

Well, enough of shaking my head.

Photographer Tenerife – Ela & Chris love to offer Analog Photoshoots

By the way, before we forget: You know that we also take traditional analogue photos? Even nowadays? There are a lot of clients who are very happy that we can arrange a photoshoot like „in the good old days“. It’s not just nostalgia, the results are really of a different quality, it really has to be said.

„Real“ chemical film achieves a completely different colour representation and captures a completely different dynamic range and tonal range.

When booking, please ask specifically what an analogue photoshoot or an analogue partial photoshoot with us in Tenerife or the Canary Islands costs.

Additional Information

photographer Ela & Chris takes photos of family couple wedding proposal honeymoon afterwedding photo shoot on tenerife in puerto de la cruz at playa de jardin and costa adeje

Get your quote!

»It all looks so great! I want a beautiful photoshoot like that, too!«

We understand, we would feel the same way. Every photoshoot is as individual as the emotions you and we bring to it.
That's why we take the time to discuss with you in advance what exactly you want, so that we can then make you a suitable offer. That's why we always like to talk to you on the phone first via WhatsApp.

This is free of charge for you and we can give you a price for your individual photo session right on the phone.
Just let us know when it suits you so that we can get in touch with each other.

We look forward to meeting you!

For further contact options see our contact-page!

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