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Real estate photography that turns prospects into customers!

In a nutshell:

  • You don’t book us just to have a few pictures of your property. You book us to sell for a few hundred thousand more. You book us so that your own hotel or holiday accommodation is booked, not those of others.
  • The eye „buys“ an offer first. And for the first impression, there is exactly one chance. Clever providers know this and book us so that the first impression simply blows the potential customer away and turns them into an actual customer.

Here are a few examples of real estate photography like we recently did for a holiday home

Real Estate Photography from English Photographer Tenerife Ela & Chris – what to expect

Just suppose you have a nice property on Tenerife and would like to rent it out to holidaymakers. Perhaps it is a holiday home, a holiday flat or a beautiful finca.

Then the all-important question is, how can you inspire the potential guest to book the holiday property?

And it’s all about emotion – as is so often the case in real estate photography. Without our clients being able to say it in detail most of the time, everyone actually wants us to convey the emotion that is associated with holiday accommodation.

What will it be like to sit on the terrace with a good glass of red wine and watch the sun sink into the deep blue sea? What will it be like to sit at the freshly set breakfast table in the morning and let the day begin very slowly?

Feel the silence, smell the salt air, feel the sun on your skin?

We see you’ve understood – we don’t take pictures of house walls or interiors – we photograph the emotion that your property will evoke in your future guest.

Or let’s say you want to sell a property on Tenerife. In this context, real estate photography does not simply mean taking a photo of a house or a finca – it also means showing quality of life, security and idyll.

That’s why our clients say „You don’t book Ela and Chris to get nice pictures of a house, but to get the decisive hundreds of thousands more from the buyer!“.

You will be happy to know that Photographer Tenerife has many years of experience as an English-speaking photographer in Tenerife in the field of real estate photography.
And by the way, we are not only on the road for our clients in the Canary Islands.

You will have seen that international companies such as TUI send us all over the world to photograph their hotel properties – there must be a reason for that.

Sure, you could find other photographers in Greece, for example, who are able to photograph a house without any accidents, but then why do they let us fly 3000 miles?
Quite simple: for clients like TUI it is important to get the A1 quality they are used to.

So if you want to be sure, even before the first click of our cameras, that you will get superior quality when we deliver our pictures – well, and the crucial few hundred thousand more – then you know how to get in touch with us.

By the way, one more important point: we are extremely stress-resistant. If you have ever had a real estate project photographed, you might know what we mean. If not, we’ll tell you briefly what we mean.

Real estate photography on Tenerife and the Canary Islands means having to be patient, to stay calm, even if the responsible local partners don’t show up at the agreed time or place.

We know of cases where the business partner is indeed in the Avenida Berlin… but by mistake on Gran Canaria and not on Tenerife. Who then goes home again? Exactly… we go home again. But of course such problems should not be your problems and should not cause the costs to explode.

By the way: if you would like to stay up to date with other resources where you can already see a plenty of our images you might like to visit us on

If you are institutional or corporate, we suggest you look at the contact options on our contact page and choose the one that suits you best.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Additional Information

photographer Ela & Chris takes photos of family couple wedding proposal honeymoon afterwedding photo shoot on tenerife in puerto de la cruz at playa de jardin and costa adeje

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