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For many it is „the most beautiful day in life“ – the wedding day. Everything has to be just right, everything is planned down to the last detail and everyone is eagerly awaiting the big day.
We know from the experience of many weddings that some things turn out differently than planned.

Perhaps you would like to enjoy the pictures of the Wedding on Tenerife first…

Why is Photographer Tenerife the perfect one for your Wedding on Tenerife?

You’re lucky if you have us as your photographers – and actually much more – by your side. You’d probably be surprised what the most common phrase is when we meet a bride and groom after their wedding – „I wish we’d had you as our photographers at our wedding reception!“

Let us explain exactly what we mean when we say „more than just photographers“ and why so many wish they had/had us at their wedding.
As well-intentioned as it may be and as much effort as mothers, mothers-in-law, maids of honour and best friends may put in – they are usually not „wedding professionals“.
A wedding planner or a photographer like us, however, knows from experience what the „weak points“ and „risk factors“ are at a wedding. We „sense“ in advance when problems are brewing and when something begins to escalate into a medium or major disaster.

And this is exactly where the wheat is separated from the chaff in the big business of wedding accompaniment. Inexperienced players in the market – like the bride, groom and guests – only realise when it is too late that something is about to go wrong. Then everyone runs around like a bunch of chickens in a henhouse when the fox shows up at the party.

We, on the other hand, not only recognise when gentle countermeasures need to be taken or dark clouds are gathering over a wedding, but we also usually know from experience what needs to be done quickly.

In addition, we have introduced a very special thing at our weddings that makes the photoshoot even more enjoyable for bride and groom – the „logbook“. What is it? It’s a plan of the wedding, agreed with everyone involved in the wedding, that takes into account how the photoshoot will fit harmoniously into the day. The special thing about it are the breaks in it – because nobody wants to be under high tension for a whole day or have to smile for several hours without interruption.

Depending on the weather, we don’t just stick to a good plan, but at weddings in Central Europe we even have a warm cup of tea or a warming blanket ready for the wedding couple, who can then consciously take a moment out of the action.

The one thing that makes your photoshoot with Ela & Chris so relaxing

Our logbook has another big advantage: we also know about the things the bridal couple doesn’t know, about the small and big surprises that are supposed to sweeten the day.

Experience has shown that it gives a bride and groom a great deal of security when the photographers, who are basically the only ones constantly present around the bride and groom, keep track of the time and organisation. And to those who have prepared the surprises, we can give the signal when a bride and groom are „ready“ or even pass it on if this is not yet the case.

Because there are usually two of us photographing weddings, we even have the advantage of being able to be in two different places at the same time or to take two different perspectives at the same moment.

For example, while Chris is very close to the wedding ceremony, Ela can take an overview of the event – or vice versa. This also creates pictures of moments, situations or things that the bride and groom would never have noticed or seen because something is happening at the other end of the ceremony.

Ultimately, this circumstance contributes to the bride and groom being able to experience a wedding much more intensively, because when looking at the pictures, further, previously hidden impressions are added to the impressions that the bride and groom were able to perceive during the day itself.

A wedding on Tenerife also means that we can support the bridal couple with information or practical assistance even before they arrive on site, thanks to our local knowledge and contacts to local service providers. Most couples come from further away and are not familiar with Tenerife. Then the question of how best to deal with local problems may arise – having a wealth of experience here is very very valuable because the Northern European approach sometimes puts a Southern European in a defensive posture – then it can be very good to know how best to help the locals meet new expectations without resistance.

Of course, because of all the extras we have just described, our services are in great demand. That is why we advise you to make bookings early. Therefore, please use the contact options as soon as you are even considering celebrating your wedding on Tenerife or the Canary Islands and want to be accompanied photographically.

Your Wedding on Tenerife and Planning
– How far in advance should you contact us? –

Indeed, many of our clients ask this question – especially when it is too late to book us.

So yes, it’s true, we are – by nature – booked a lot. Therefore, the lead times for a booking are always longer, in the high season even really long. Sure, sometimes someone is lucky, asks this week for next week and gets an appointment – but you have to be just as lucky to get a parking space in the city centre during rush hour…. this CAN happen, but relying on it will 99% result in your desired appointment being gone….

The most successful clients are those who contact us from home at the time of booking. Then we can plan in peace and find a date that suits you, e.g. not right in the first three days of the holiday, because you want to get a nice tan first, but of course not too close to the end, in case someone spoils their stomach and the photo shoot has to be postponed.

So you might like to contact us with the WhatsApp-button below or maybe you prefer visiting our contact-page for further options.

Additional Information

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