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»Who are those two? What are they like? Where do they come from?«
These are questions that everyone asks themselves, of course – but they are much easier to answer at the first contact with us than if we write a lot about them.

A little about our work for you

Why do people like us so much?
Because we like people!

at a photo shoot photographer tenerife Ela & Chris takes photographs of a corporate at puerto de la cruz 0

„Chris and Ela are not only fantastic photographers, the photoshoots are also great fun with their warm and enthusiastic manner!
I am more than happy with the result and would recommend them without reservation to anyone who would like to have really great pictures of themselves – whether for professional or private purposes.
Thank you very much for your great work!“

– Johanna, Personal Trainer

„And there really was a film on German television about you as Photographer Tenerife?“

Yes, that is indeed true. ZDF, the German state television channel, shot and broadcast a film about us as professional photographers in Tenerife in 2021.
2 million viewers were there at the same time.
The shooting showed how good it is when professionals work together with professionals – we only needed half the scheduled shooting time and thus still had enough time for a nice afternoon tea with Ela’s good tiramisu as dessert.

photographers tenerife Ela & Chris does a photoshoot with a real estate at puerto de la cruz 0

»Our No. 1 real estate photographers in Spain!«

TUI International, 2022

at a photo shoot photographer tenerife Ela & Chris takes photographs of a real estate at puerto de la cruz 0

»Our No. 1 real estate photographers in Spain!«

TUI International, 2022

One thing is very (!) important for us:
We always do our work for you exactly as we would like it to be done for us.

This means that we think along with you. For example, we design our contract so that it does exactly what you would intuitively think.

Or when it comes to editing the pictures – we involve you by discussing what you like beforehand.

Even when it comes to poses or the visual language itself – here we even let you send us suggestions and wishes 😉 .

That’s why we only deliver finished images (basic retouching).
When we go to a restaurant, we expect a fully cooked meal and not a steak that we as guests have to roast ourselves.

We also don’t like it when someone wants to charge us extra for every little thing.
That’s why we make final prices transparent and understandable for you.
That’s why we don’t have „package prices“. Why should I pay for something I don’t want?

What we do in our private lives and what has shaped us…

A little about Ela

Ela had her first serious camera in 1998 – a Leica R8.

But it still took a while until she was convinced that she could really take pictures – at the latest when the pictures of a pop singer she had taken were hung as advertising posters all over Berlin, she was convinced that she was really good at taking pictures.

A little about Chris

Chris literally started taking pictures in the sandbox.

Later, when he was 13, he got a Rolleifleix SL 35M and an introduction to photography from his dad one memorable afternoon. The many photo books on Daddy’s shelves, especially a small, thin book by Henri Cartier-Bresson, did the rest. That’s when it happened!

By the way, Chris is currently creating his own website about his photography… You can already see a little bit there

We are both very close to nature and this can of course be lived out very well on Tenerife – may it be a little beach? Or would you prefer some mountains today? Most of the off time we are out in nature, chilling on the beach or hiking barefoot through the mountains.

Maybe you would love to get some answers to questions that are more related to our business? For that we’ve got our FAQ-Section, that you’ll find here.

photographer Ela & Chris takes photos of family couple wedding proposal honeymoon afterwedding photo shoot on tenerife in puerto de la cruz at playa de jardin and costa adeje

Get your quote!

»It all looks so great! I want a beautiful photoshoot like that, too!«

We understand, we would feel the same way. Every photoshoot is as individual as the emotions you and we bring to it.
That's why we take the time to discuss with you in advance what exactly you want, so that we can then make you a suitable offer. That's why we always like to talk to you on the phone first via WhatsApp.

This is free of charge for you and we can give you a price for your individual photo session right on the phone.
Just let us know when it suits you so that we can get in touch with each other.

We look forward to meeting you!

For further contact options see our contact-page!

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