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Contact via Phone -> Fast, faster, fastest!

In case you need to do it very quickly.
„Your appointment hasn’t gone, don’t worry, it’s just someone else who has it!“
If you want to avoid that, here’s your button!

Pick up that phone and go for it!

Contact via Whatsapp -> Relax, just do it!

The vast majority of our customers contact us via Whatsapp.
It’s quick and convenient when it suits you.

Ok, just drop us a line…

Contact via E-Mail -> How shall I put it?

The highly official way.
You probably represent a company or a public institution and would like to send us information about your project in writing first.

Ok, just write us a few lines more…

If you look for the legal informations you’ll find more here. Our FAQ is put there.

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Photographer Tenerife and pricing

„You don’t have any prices on your site – why?“
This question is asked so often that we would like to briefly address it here.
We always say, „We don’t just take their picture, we touch hearts.“
And everyone understands something different about being touched in their heart. Or if you need the photos to advertise, to represent you, then maybe you like a certain style.

This means that we want to respond exactly to your wishes and specifications.
If we were to offer package prices now, it would be everything but individual. We would certainly offer something in our packages that you are not interested in or that you might not even want. And then pay for it? Just because packages were chic at some point? Probably not, right?

You may have read in our FAQ that, unlike many of our colleagues, we actually ASK you to send us pictures as suggestions. And this although we take maybe 10,000 pictures every week, so we really don’t need any suggestions… but we say, „It’s your photo shoot after all. Then you get to say exactly what you want – let us see your image ideas!“

By the way: measured against the market, we are still in the lower price segment – despite the top quality we deliver – because we can afford it. We say, „Better a lot of small strawberries than just huge pumpkins!“, because that makes us independent of individual customers and we can afford to respond individually to each customer.

So, we look forward to hearing from you! Grab your mobile phone and send us a WhatsApp before others are faster and snatch away your appointment!

If you want to read some more about Ela & Chris you’ll find the information on this page.

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