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Family Photoshoot with a cute Family at Gran Canaria!

Finally, the well-deserved holiday has arrived. You are looking forward to enjoying nature and the beach on the Canary Islands with the whole family, father, mother and children. You would love to take all the relaxation you get here home with you, wouldn’t you?

How would that be if we said it was possible? It is possible!

Perhaps you would like to enjoy the pictures of Family Photoshoot first

Why book Photographer Tenerife for your Family Photoshoot at Gran Canaria?

Well, how come customers who go on holiday everywhere in the Canary Islands, whether Tenerife or Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote or wherever, book US?

Well, in the same way you could ask why TUI, as a large corporation, books us of all people to photograph hotel properties all over the world. At least it can’t be because there are no other photographers.

Reliability, top quality and overwhelming customer service is something you – unfortunately – rarely find in our industry. Free of airs and graces and focused on what the customer wants, and unbeatable value for money too.

It is important that we do not confuse „good value“ with „cheap“. So if the customer wants „cheap“, we recommend reaching for your own mobile phone and taking a few pictures, which then „live“ for 24 hours in your WhatsApp status and that’s it.

If you want your „emotions“ to be perfectly captured and „real“ or „pure“ to be relived anytime without the crooked horizon or the 100 people in the background spoiling your fun, you’ll land here on our site and know why you value uncompromising quality so much.

This is exactly the magic trick that we as photographers can perform for you – we pack all the positive emotions that you experience here into beautiful, small, colourful four corners – others would say photos, but it just sounds much more exciting that way.

In fact, it is also very exciting what we can accomplish for you. It’s not just a very nice experience to take beautiful photos together as a family, but it also captures moments that inevitably won’t come back.

The children grow up, go their own ways at some point and then you are happy when the pictures make the memories and positive emotions recallable at any time.

Or are you just back home in everyday life and need a little time out, for a few minutes you would like to have holiday feelings – our pictures also do that very reliably. Eat?

Every time we see the pictures we have taken for our customers, we are back in the moment when the pictures were taken – the children’s laughter, the little ones frolicking in the water, the parents enjoying their holiday. That is back in a split second and can be felt all over again.

Before contacting us, many of our clients asked themselves whether they could afford such a photoshoot at all. Of course, we can’t tell you what the concrete price for your special photoshoot on Gran Canaria will be, because every photoshoot is just as individual as you are, but we can tell you one thing: anyone who can afford a holiday on the Canary Islands can also afford to book us as a photographer. That’s something!

Well, there is one thing we can tell you from experience: if you book a photoshoot with us, you will normally get between double and quadruple the number of pictures that you would get elsewhere.

Or to put it the other way round, with us they usually only pay half or even a quarter of the usual price. Why can we afford that?

We think it is because over the years we have retained a feeling for what is an appropriate price for a service. We know that there are colleagues who charge €1300 for 3 hours, but in our opinion that is not a price for a photoshoot, but a deviant form of madness!

We are also often asked by families if the price gets higher the more family members take part in the photoshoot. And here we say: „Why should that be the case? That would be completely pointless!“

So, if the price was based on that, we should really only shoot on crowded beaches. No, seriously: of course the price is not based on that, but on the service we provide for you.

And while we are on the subject of prices, we would like to mention that our prices are extremely transparent. In concrete terms, this means that we give you a fixed price before the shoot, which cannot be changed. The only way you could spend more money would be to buy us a coffee or give us a sweet.

We will be happy to give you all further information when we have our first telephone conversation. Then we can tell you on the phone how much your individual photo shoot will cost and you can secure this price directly.

So: grab your phone, write us a WhatsApp and let’s make an appointment for our first conversation!

Family Photography on Gran Canaria and Planning
– How far in advance should you contact us? –

Indeed, many of our clients ask this question – especially when it is too late to book us.

So yes, it’s true, we are – by nature – booked a lot. Therefore, the lead times for a booking are always longer, in the high season even really long. Sure, sometimes someone is lucky, asks this week for next week and gets an appointment – but you have to be just as lucky to get a parking space in the city centre during rush hour…. this CAN happen, but relying on it will 99% result in your desired appointment being gone….

The most successful clients are those who contact us from home at the time of booking. Then we can plan in peace and find a date that suits you, e.g. not right in the first three days of the holiday, because you want to get a nice tan first, but of course not too close to the end, in case someone spoils their stomach and the photo shoot has to be postponed.

So you might like to contact us with the WhatsApp-button below or maybe you prefer visiting our contact-page for further options.

Additional Information

photographer Ela & Chris takes photos of family couple wedding proposal honeymoon afterwedding photo shoot on tenerife in puerto de la cruz at playa de jardin and costa adeje

Get your quote!

»It all looks so great! I want a beautiful photoshoot like that, too!«

We understand, we would feel the same way. Every photoshoot is as individual as the emotions you and we bring to it.
That's why we take the time to discuss with you in advance what exactly you want, so that we can then make you a suitable offer. That's why we always like to talk to you on the phone first via WhatsApp.

This is free of charge for you and we can give you a price for your individual photo session right on the phone.
Just let us know when it suits you so that we can get in touch with each other.

We look forward to meeting you!

For further contact options see our contact-page!

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