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Photoshoot with Sydney and Kenneth – such a beautiful Surprise Marriage Proposal!

Anyone who is a wedding planner and serves the Canary Islands knows Photographer Tenerife – Ela & Chris. Here too, we were asked by a wedding planner in the south of Tenerife to take care of the couple from the United States.
And say it yourself – these two are simply beautiful, aren’t they? We always say „Pretty people result in pretty photos!“. Ok, we know it takes more than pretty people and a good camera…. but… aren’t they just beautiful?

Perhaps you would like to enjoy the pictures of the surprise engagement first

Photoshoot Surprise Engagement – Why do so many people in love book us to capture their marriage proposal for eternity?

We plan your surprise engagement with you down to the smallest detail!

And so you can be sure that your surprise engagement will be exactly as you imagined it. After all, the surprise should remain a surprise.

For example, we discuss with you in advance exactly where the engagement will take place, reserve a table if necessary and make sure that your beloved has not the faintest idea what you are up to. Perhaps you would also like to have a beautiful location on the beach prepared where you can ask the question of all questions. Of course, we’ll be happy to do that for you, too.

Would you like to have a couple of young ladies come up to your bride-to-be one after the other and, as if by chance, each put a long-stemmed rose in her hand? Of course, we have already arranged something like that for our groom!

For our groom, for example, who you see here successfully popping the big question, we didn’t just pick out the restaurant and book a table. Sydney could have asked why he chose that particular restaurant…. So we even provided him with an alibi that the very restaurant where the proposal was to take place was, as if by chance, the first to be found on Google – even matched to the country he was searching from. So it was certain that the engagement took place in the „right“ restaurant.

Is that an exaggeration? Well, anything less than perfect is not perfect, so „No, not exaggerated!“, ok, maybe a little sly, yes….

And as it happens in real life, when the groom was supposed to arrive, an unsuspecting family occupied the table reserved for him. When we got there, we politely complimented them with a proper explanation and took them to another table. By the way, the family was so happy about the engagement, which they could observe from the best seats, so to speak, that the father spontaneously came to the couple to joyfully embrace them after the engagement had taken place!

Of course, we had also instructed the restaurant staff accordingly and so the glances went back and forth quite inconspicuously between restaurant staff, groom and us. So the groom ended up at the right table and the agreed sequence of events was followed exactly, which gave the groom the signal to start at the right moment. The whole story was a fantastic success!

That’s what we love: helping to make our clients‘ dreams come true – if at all possible.

Surprise Marriage Proposal and Planning
– How far in advance should you contact us? –

Indeed, many of our clients ask this question – especially when it is too late to book us.

So yes, it’s true, we are – by nature – booked a lot. Therefore, the lead times for a booking are always longer, in the high season even really long. Sure, sometimes someone is lucky, asks this week for next week and gets an appointment – but you have to be just as lucky to get a parking space in the city centre during rush hour…. this CAN happen, but relying on it will 99% result in your desired appointment being gone….

The most successful clients are those who contact us from home at the time of booking. Then we can plan in peace and find a date that suits you, e.g. not right in the first three days of the holiday, because you want to get a nice tan first, but of course not too close to the end, in case someone spoils their stomach and the photo shoot has to be postponed.

So you might like to contact us with the WhatsApp-button below or maybe you prefer visiting our contact-page for further options.

Additional Information

photographer Ela & Chris takes photos of family couple wedding proposal honeymoon afterwedding photo shoot on tenerife in puerto de la cruz at playa de jardin and costa adeje

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»It all looks so great! I want a beautiful photoshoot like that, too!«

We understand, we would feel the same way. Every photoshoot is as individual as the emotions you and we bring to it.
That's why we take the time to discuss with you in advance what exactly you want, so that we can then make you a suitable offer. That's why we always like to talk to you on the phone first via WhatsApp.

This is free of charge for you and we can give you a price for your individual photo session right on the phone.
Just let us know when it suits you so that we can get in touch with each other.

We look forward to meeting you!

For further contact options see our contact-page!

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