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Photoshoot with Alex and Andy – Enjoing the Sunrise!

Photoshoot Tenerife is of course by far not all we offer. Because Ela & Chris are very much in demand as photographers, they naturally also cover the neighbouring islands with their photoshoots, too – the clients want it that way. So here are some pictures of a sunrise photo shoot on Gran Canaria.

And what a lovely couple we had in front of the lens – a pleasure – but see for yourself.

Let’s have a look first what you may expect from Professional Photographer Tenerife Team in the Canary Neighbourhood

Photoshoot Tenerife is not everthing we offer! Photographer Tenerife also serves the other Canary Islands!

There is a lot going on on the beach and in the dunes of Maspalomas just before and during the sunrise. Of course, we were already there some time before the photo shoot actually started and enjoyed the mild breeze and the warm water.

We had agreed to meet where the dunes begin and punctually at 7:00 am our charming couple showed up at the meeting point.

By the way: for us, it goes without saying that we are always over-punctual, because our clients are used to this and can of course expect it from us.

We only mention this once again because just the day before yesterday we were amazed when we received a desperate phone call from a nice young lady. They had booked a photographer on Tenerife for their afterwedding photoshoot and the bride was already standing there in her wedding dress and the groom in his suit when…. who didn’t turn up? The photographer they had booked. Yes, he was stuck in a traffic jam and therefore couldn’t come…. Every time they tried to reach the photographer, he played dead afterwards… unbelievable, but true!

How happy the two of them were when they came across us while looking for a – serious – photographer. To be quite honest, the behaviour of such colleagues also gets on our nerves, because it is really not good for the reputation of the profession.

In any case, as far as we at Photographer Tenerife are concerned, we benefit from the fact that we both also completed an apprenticeship in business before we followed our vocation as photographers. That’s where you learn reliability, customer service and integrity – good – if you’re serious about your clients; for our part, at least, that’s how we approach our work.

And you

But I got off topic: our sunrise photoshoot.

For us at Photographer Tenerife it’s important to know the locations you’re photographing inside out. Then, for example, after what feels like the 127th dune photoshoot, you know that the sunset is earlier and the sunrise later. Because in each case „the dunes are in the way“. That’s why we start with a sunrise like this one, so that the low dunes by the water are our „playground“. Then we catch the early sunrise light, which has the characteristic colouring of a delicate dawn.

And as you can see from the pictures, this couple made it particularly easy for us. We almost didn’t have to help with the posing, everything just went naturally. That’s what we love about our photoshoots – we intervene as little as possible but as much as necessary in front of the camera. That way the pictures are always natural and every client feels comfortable in their own skin at all times.

We can still remember what the first three or four seconds of the shoot with German television were like – of course you are excited every time. We then decided for ourselves, while the first few seconds were being shot, by just walking away from the camera, that we were ourselves. „And if it doesn’t suit the television, then the boys are just out of luck!“, we said to each other in the seconds.

That was exactly right, because in the end we finished all the filming in half the allotted time and were able to enjoy Ela’s delicious tiramisu with the view from our terrace.
And by all accounts, the TV crew and viewers were very happy with our authenticity.

That’s what we always tell our clients, „Just be yourselves and don’t do anything different“.

And that fits very nicely with what we always say – „We photograph, not things or people – we photograph the emotions you associate with them.“

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photographer Ela & Chris takes photos of family couple wedding proposal honeymoon afterwedding photo shoot on tenerife in puerto de la cruz at playa de jardin and costa adeje

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